Nelson Irrigation Australia

Camberwell Grammar School

“We have been very impressed with the Hunter system, from the reliability and coverage of the I-25 sprinklers, and the flexibility of the design with one sprinkler per zone to the IMMS central control software. It makes our lives easier and the turf is the big winner. Hunter support and back up was brilliant…”

- Matthew WarnerHead Curator

Keith Anderson Oval

A new Hunter ACC & IMMS Central Control decoder irrigation system on a newly-developed sports field. The sports field is built on a concrete base, which is the roof of an underground carpark.


Built on a concrete base, the sports field profile is similar to that of a USGA profile with only 2 feet depth from the turf grass to the concrete below. This profile contains a drainage and an irrigation system. Water application needs to be accurate, flexible, and capable of maintaining soil moisture in the well-drained sandy media profile. The specification called for a Distribution Uniformity (DU) of between 80 – 85%.


The Hunter irrigation system includes Hunter I-25 stainless steel pop ups, each controlled by their own 1" Hunter ICV pressure-regulated solenoid valve. All solenoid valves were installed within this profile and off the playing surface, ensuring safety in the field of play. This 2 foot deep profile contains the drainage system in 10" of gravel with the irrigation system pipework above this layer, covered with 12" of sand growing media where the pop up sprinklers were installed. Back-to-back sprinklers were used around the turf wicket table for ultimate flexibility and water management.


The Camberwell Grammar grounds curators have the ultimate flexibility with their new Hunter irrigation system. They can control 1-5 sprinklers at a time, (the system is driven by a variable speed pump, pumping the sports field run off and storm water). They have access to the controller via the IMMS software at all times, and their own ET weather station allows for localized water management . Plus, they have the confidence that all the high-quality components are backed by Hunter’s world-class customer service and support.

CU: 89%

DU: 83%

AR: 13.2 mm/hr

Sc: 1.3



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