New! NODE Kits

Product News 18 Mar 2016

Reliable Battery-Powered Control Without The Need of an Electrical Con...

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NEW 3030 Pivot Sprinkler

Product News 15 Jul 2015

Introducing the new 4-function 3NV Nozzle....

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Video Wall

Watch Hunter Industries series of product and instructional how-to videos to provide technical support to homeowners, contractors, distributors and specifiers . Many of these videos feature Hunter technical support staff member and Product Managers presenting detailed information on Hunter products.

Rotors | MP RotatorĀ® | Sensors | Valves | Controllers


Rotor Series: Installing a Nozzle on a Rotor

Rotor Series: Cleaning a Filter on Rotor

Rotor Series: Replacing Riser Seals on Rotors

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MP Rotator Series: How to Adjust Hunter's MP Rotator

Hunter's MP Rotator

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Solar Sync - Programming - Part 1 of 2: Controller Setup

Solar Sync - Programming - Part 2 of 2: Programming the Solar Sync Module


Rain Sensors - FAQs

Wireless Rain Clik - FAQs

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Valve Series: Valve Operation

Valve Series: Cleaning the Diaphragm on a Valve

Valve Series: Troubleshooting a Valve that is not Opening

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Controller Series: Canceling a Delay

Controller Series: Programming Odd & Even Days and Programming Interval Watering

Controller Series - Programming Multiple Programs - Part 1 of 4: Introduction, Time/Date

Controller Series - Programming Multiple Programs - Part 2 of 4: Program A

Controller Series - Programming Multiple Programs - Part 4 of 4: Other Modes

Controller Series - Reset


Controller Series: Canceling Extra Start Times

Controller Series - Programming Multiple Programs - Part 3 of 4: Program B

Controller Series - Controllers - Display Troubleshooting

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