Nelson Irrigation Australia

Pivot Sprinklers

Adaptable pivot sprinkler solutions for agricultural irrigation. Improve uniform water application, minimise run off and erosion, and control water pressure.


Rotator® Irrigation Sprinkler


The Pivot Rotator® is the world’s premier pivot sprinkler, featuring the widest…

Spinner Irrigation Sprinkler


The Spinner is a faster rotating sprinkler that is great for sensitive crops…

Accelerator Irrigation Sprinkler


The Accelerator's unique design provides a low pressure option with the proven…

Orbitor Irrigation Sprinkler


The Orbitor features technology that eliminates the struts of a sprinkler body…

Orbitor FX

Field-proven, off-axis Orbitor technology provides a random droplet pattern in…

Sprayhead Irrigation Sprinkler


The Sprayhead Sprinkler is a reliable option for Center Pivot LEPA/LESA…

Nelson end of pivot Brass Impact high volume sprinkler

P85AS Brass Impact

A time-tested, field-proven option for mid-range throw distance.

Part-Circle Sprinklers

Nelson part-circle sprinklers direct the water off of the pivot structure at…

Pivot Accessories

The 3000 and 3030 Series sprinklers are made even better by a number of useful…